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The Real Estate Technology Forum was formed in 1998 as a professional networking organization. It is dedicated to exploring the application of technology to real estate and the urban landscape. It’s members have achieved great distinction in their fields and are considered high level visionaries who influence the world’s real estate. The Long Island Real Estate Technology Forum began a series of meetings July 2013. 

Our Next Presentation will be:  

TBD. Please submit ideas!

Past Meetings:

Tuesday, March 24, 2015
Dr. Martin Cantor
LIBN Columnist
Director, Long Island Center for Socio-Economic Policy
Chief Economist Destination Long Island

The Status of the Economy and Implications on Long Island’s Commercial Real Estate.
How Long Island Demographics, a Growing Gap in Family Income and Millennials Impact the Future of Long Island’s Economy.
To Download a copy of Dr. Cantor’s presentation click here
December 10th
Mike LiPetri from PSEG Long Island

October 22, 2014
Reducing Electrical Costs Using Smart Batteries
Smart Battery Power Point Presentation
Watch a “Real Talk” sit down discussion with John Culbertson and partner, Lars Beshaw

March 18 2014
“LED Lighting for Commercial Spaces”   Held Thank you Greg Galluccio from Leviton


  • “Space Utilization” Is it true that corporate America is only using 30% of their space?  Held 

July 24, 2013

Future Topics:

  • :Fiber Optics” with John Mazzaro, from Lightower.
  • Solar Panels” to reduce rent and electrical costs
  • Fiber Optics” from Lightower
  • The Cloud” Technology
  • “Law Firm Technology, the essential technologies to remain competitive” 
  • “Are Fuel Cells Ready for Prime Time” 
  • “Using Google Glass for Commercial Real Estate” 

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