Our Process


Summary-Scope of Services



Strategic Planning

  • Evaluate current situation reviewing the environment, technology, furniture and business objectives
  • Develop near and long term space program that incorporate growth, flexibility, space saving measures, facilities and amenities to support the business objectives

Demographic Study

  • Provide a map showing where employees live
  • Map locations of competitors, clients, vendors and potential new clients
  • Analyze commuting patterns and evaluate potential new locations for proximity to workforce, key personnel and relevant sites

Project Management

  • Develop space program and strategic plan
  • Right size your square footage needs
  • Prepare preliminary time line for each aspect of assignment
  • Prepare preliminary budget
  • Test fit plans
  • Prepare building evaluation report

Renegotiation Analysis

  • Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of staying in your current location

Market Survey

  • Prepare detailed market analysis identifying potential alternatives

Site Tour and Inspection

  • Tour short list of potential properties with our construction expert


Request for Proposal

  • A client specific RFP will be implemented and Landlord discussion will be held to acquire relevant information about the properties for a detailed side-by-side comparison

Evaluate and Compare

  • Qualitatively and quantitatively analyze all of the options and present in a clear concise format to decision makers, executive management and board of directors
  • Prepare detailed recommendations based on careful analysis and review of all available information


  • Prepare detailed recommendations based on careful analysis and review of all available information


Letter of Understanding-Term Sheet

  • Before we undertake expensive, time-consuming negotiations we will prepare a term sheet outlining the salient elements of the transaction so all involved can be “on the same page” before we proceed
  • Our construction expert will review and pre-negotiate the Landlord Tenant Improvements Workletter

Lease Negotiation

  • Work with tenant and their counsel to assure that all the essential and most favorable business and legal points are achieved

Transaction Abstract

  • At the conclusion of the transaction, we will prepare a full report outlining the decision process, financial considerations and full abstract of the lease
  • Periodic Real Estate Review and Lease Services upon request

Follow up

Lease Audit

  • On an annual basis we will check to make sure you are being billed properly