Smart Batteries from IPLAN Access

Demand Charges Can be almost 70% of your electric bill.
How can I reduce my demand charges? Do I qualify?

A demand charge makes up 30-70% of a total monthly electricity bill. We can reduce the demand charges by using Smart Batteries and a carefully created program of demand management. After evaluating the internal power profile of a building using “Smart Meters”, buildings can save between 10-20% of the electric costs by installing smart batteries that discharge during periods of highest demand.

Currently, NYC’s Consolidated Edison has some very large rebates that makes this program very attractive to the larger, power hungry Manhattan buildings. Unfortunately only the very large power users such as RXR Plaza would qualify on Long Island. However, we understand PSE&G is working on a formula to create rebates that follow those of NYC’s ConEdison.  We further hear that they have plans to put out 25,000 “Smart Meters” which would make most of the buildings on Long Island prospects for this technological cost reduction program.

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