The Law Firm Practice Group

The practice of law is undergoing a fundamental transformation in the way legal work is being acquired and getting done. Work is better managed, collaborative, more transparent and client-focused than ever. The law office of the future will be smaller, more collaborative, highly flexible and fully technology enabled. Even though we are seeing significant reductions in square feet per attorney, and a willingness to try new design concepts, the legal industry still maintains the highest square footages of any industry.

Cresa’s Law Firm Practice Group knows how to build flexibility into the real estate deal. “The entire profession has become focused on the fact that the traditional law firm space model is no longer efficient, cost effective or responsive to the evolving needs of clients and the providers of legal services,” says Richard Alexander, Managing Partner at Arnold & Porter LLP, in Washington, D.C.

Members of Cresa’s Law Firm Practice Group are acutely aware that today’s law firms need to consider, new technologies, sustainability, collaborative and alternative workplace strategies as well as amenities to help firms remain competitive. We have intimate relationships with the consultants and service providers to help evaluate, design and create these spaces.

In the quest to reduce expensive square footage, boost efficiency and encourage collaboration, mentorship and teamwork, we know which buildings work for Lawyers. We know which ones have a more conducive infrastructure and which ones have better floor plates. We know where your competitors have located, why they chose particular locations and what they paid.

Cresa formed the LFPG to help Law Firms align their real estate with the new operational and economic necessities facing today’s Law Firms. Our commitment is to help them acquire workspace that conforms to the new, ever changing metrics, design requirements, and technologies of the 21st Century.

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