Workspace Utilization Measurement

  • How much money could you save if you eliminated the underutilized space? Studies show that 40% to 50% of your space is unused at any one time.
  • How much would productivity be increased if your space was collaborative, redesigned and accommodated today’s increasingly mobile worker?
  • Couldn’t you use  bigger open areas, training rooms, collaboration areas and differently configured conference faciliities?

The object is to devise a space that not only fits your current business needs and your budget and future business opportunities but creates an efficient, comfortable, flexible  and collaborative environment that attracts and retains valuable employees and customers and helps your business grow.

An inflexible, bloated and not well thought out space that doesn’t give enough consideration to the way people work today and into the future is doomed to mediocrity.

Well Where do we start?

Let’s start with measuring what you have, understanding what you do and how often you do it. Let’s tie the business operation to the facilities that enable it.

Step 1 Workspace Utilization Measurement

The Condeco Sense Workspace Occupancy Sensor: