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10 Ways to Cut Office Spending

10 Ways to cut your office space spending:

1. Economic Development Incentives –
Don’t think these incentives are just for the big guys. Economic development incentives are created to encourage job growth. Companies as small as 25 employees can enjoy these benefits
as well.

2. Energy Savings –
Big money here, there are lots of incentives to choose from. Get a consultant, bring in the utility, you have a bevy of alternatives to
choose from, many will be paid for by the utility itself or the municipality.

3. Re-configure your space –
Odds are your space design is the result of years of shoehorning – putting desks in any available space, and back. A careful re-planning of your space and the furniture can result in10 ways to reduce office space spending
more efficient and smaller space and may also have a significant impact on corporate productivity.

4. Renegotiate your lease –
There are a multitude of reasons why your landlord would be willing to renegotiate your lease. Don’t just assume that since your lease doesn’t expire for a couple more years that you are “stuck”. That can’t be farther from the truth. Continue reading 10 Ways to Cut Office Spending

How Much Space Do You Really Use?



Reducing your footprint and your occupancy cost seems to be an international goal these days. Increasing densification, and worker to desk ratio, elimination of private offices and reducing the size of workstations are common discussions in the world of CRE portfolio strategists.

Many experts agree that the first thing you should do is find out how much space you really use. Before you start slashing your office sizes, throwing everyone into benching systems or even creating a mobile work strategy, let’s first look at what’s going on, what your plans are for the future and who actually uses your space.

Right along side of the real estate legend of the bank that bought another bank and found out that their HQ real estate was worth more than they paid for the entire business is the new legend of the company who measured their actual usage of space and found out that they are using 40% less space than they rent. After restructuring their occupancy the company saved multiple millions of dollars per year while increasing productivity.

The understanding of how desks, conference rooms, break out and office spaces are used on a day by day and hour by hour basis provides valuable insight into how to redesign your space to meet the challenges of today’s workforce while significantly reducing your occupancy costs.

This is why my current campaign is “let’s measure your use before we look to move you”.