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Huntington Village Innovation District, Tech Firms Cluster around LaunchPad Hub

by Jonathan Rudes

Launchpad Huntington, a business accelerator and event space that was created and is run by entrepreneurs, now serves as Huntington’s hub, clubhouse and gathering place. It has, in a short time, become a magnet for tech industry professionals, serving both as a premier venue for start-up oriented events and as a collaborative workplace for like-minded entrepreneurs and tech community leaders. Last month, it was host to over 700 visitors who attended LI TECH DAY, an expo that exhibited startups.

Professionals frequent the conference facilities, co- working spaces, nightly meet-up conferences and CEO/ Venture Capital “Fireside Chats.” I often find young entrepreneurs chatting with seasoned professionals about new ideas, and getting some free advice.

We have identified more than 30 tech-ready offices for technology companies to move into, in close proximity to Launchpad Huntington. We are working on numerous programs, venues, resources, economies of scale and other initiatives to benefit these companies. Planting the seeds and hoping to attract start-ups and small businesses, we expect a bloom of entrepreneurial density that has never existed before on Long Island.

Huntington’s Innovation District, similar to ones in Boston, Boulder and Seattle, will be a vibrant collaborative environment that stimulates innovation and synergy as an important driver of LI’s Tech Economy. It is designed to reverse the “Brain Drain,” retain companies, attract new ones, and focus resources, capital, economic-development and industry initiatives on Huntington Village.

This surely will be a place where young, skilled, talented tech workers can live, work, and thrive.

To learn more go to Jonathan C. Rudes is Senior Vice President of CRESA Long Island. He has created accelerators, incubators and Technology Districts all over North America. Contact him at,

631-424-4888 x305.


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